Lewis Holmes

Software Engineer
Goal-oriented, highly aspirational, and fast-thinking, I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work. Young but already experienced, I pick up skills quickly, can rapidly solve problems, and will not be afraid to ask questions when working with new technologies. I enjoy creating small tools to streamline workflows as much as possible to enable me to jump from task to task with little disruption. In my down-time I like to play logic games to hone my thinking skills, and play musical instruments to increase dexterity and typing speed.

Technical Skills


I have been working with Java since 2013 when I was only 10 years old, developing Minecraft plugins and other similarly small projects, moving into larger and larger projects. I’ve been working with the language ever since, and it’s always been my favourite, from the high level APIs to down at the compiled bytecode level.


Similarly to Java, I started early, creating WinForms based applications to interact with services and other tools, smoothing out my workflow and allowing a quick-response style development process.

Skill Set


Open Source

I’m a big believer in open source, so I spend a lot of time contributing as much as I can to smaller projects to help them get off the ground. I have worked with core developers on many projects, including many Minecraft mods and plugins, web-based maps, and a custom game client for a successful MMORPG. I have also made projects of my own, having nearly 100 public repositories on github, including Minecraft mods, small tools and utilities, and plugins for RuneLite.

I was made project lead of this game client for my range of development abilities, as it required reverse engineering skills, creation of tools to automate manipulation of low level Java bytecode, implementation of an efficient CI/CD service to build the project to provide nightly testing builds for users, and management of a team of core developers who worked on their own modules, I grew this project to a considerable size, with an average of 10,000 concurrent users, and over 100,000 unique installations.

Work Experience


Apr 2019 - Present
Software Engineer
  • Contracted for many clients, providing quick turnarounds and solid, stable solutions, resulting in increased productivity and profits, in one case up to 50% within 4 months of deployment.
  • Flexible development system allows late changes to the design for a minimal time loss, allowing clients more time to communicate their requirements, while still providing a quick service.

Breakwater IT

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
Intern System Administrator

Breakwater IT provides IT support and services to businesses in Norwich, Norfolk, and across the UK.

  • Built, configured, and deployed computers and servers for companies.
  • Evaluated budgets, time sheets, workflows, and deployed a modern ticketing system to improve efficiency and increase profits.
  • Migrated a large environment away from old in-house servers to cloud-based services, improving workflow effectiveness and enabling work-from-home environments much sooner than other workplaces.